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badge2838573Everyday I see amazing things which leaves me thinking how life can be beautiful and sometimes the dark side of it. This is the journey which gives so many insight to my perception. I voice my opinion and the things which matters to me and to my soul. I hope this site will bring some enlightment to the people’s mind.…please feel free to leave your honest opinions


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sometimes it is very easy to push life to the limit….sometimes its harder….often we learn things in a hard way…still life moves on…and the most important spice of life is diversity….I wish you all the best with this journey….be safe….donot get lost in the glorious fake world of hypocrates… the one who you want to be…have a wonderful time…..TC

Not only do you write well, but have design skills to go with it. Keep up the strong work…

well articulated snippets of thought. keep it up!

great writings so far…its good to express yourself the way you are doing it… God bless.

What a crafty, pointed, wise phrase! It will become a guide in my life. Thank you.

Ur welcome.

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