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Curiousity= $$$$

Posted on: February 20, 2017

I was born in USA, but didn’t get citizenship as according to US law children born under foreign delegates are immune to citizenship. That’s fine I have no regards. My parents provided me a good quality life in Bangladesh, I will always be grateful for that.

In 2016 I decided to study in US for my second masters and live near to my family. I could have choose Europe where  education is FREE and good quality life. But I chose my birthplace, in spite giving me nothing but my SSN I always felt a connection …a sense of belongings I don’t know…….. how to articulate in words.

My curiosity led to me study a complete different field. I was up for challenge. Isn’t it exciting when you go somewhere and  get completely new experience. But one thing that always bugged me is why education is so expensive in US? I was literally sad paying xxx amount of dollar for my tuition fee. The money that we saved has gone in seconds phewff!!….just like that!

Is Free education is a long lost concept here,I know it existed it before…nah seriously here ages ago? I talked to a lot of young generation about schools and life one thing was common is education is too expensive and debt is never ending?! Every kids should have the same basic free education and health care. Its not COMMUNISM but a GOOD SOCIETY? It is absolutely important to know that shaping a young generation will create a positive impact in the society and COUNTRY! Not with debt and costly education system and lifestyle.

I am optimist always will be someday this nations will provide FREE Education and Healthcare system to all.

American dream = land of opportunity = ?




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