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Posted on: March 23, 2009

“Do you have to drag everything with you?” said Salima. Raj was packing all of his old stuff  that he adores the most. Its difficult to leave behind old memories. But he has to , he received a job offer from Microsoft , which was a dream come true. Finally all his hard work had paid off. When he was thirteen years old he used to get mesmorized by the sound of the airplane. Now he would have the opportunity to fly to a different country , a different world.

“I’m not letting you take all these books to USA; for God’s sake why don’t you donate these to library or somewhere else?!” yelled Salima.

“Salima, can’t you see these things are important to me? said Raj. I’m not going to throw them away.”

Irritated by her hubby’s final decision , leaving him behind she concentrated on other packing stuff. USA, chilled ran down her spine. She would be leaving within two weeks. Her family friends, hang out at tea stall by Moti Mia, everything behind. The small town girl of chittagong was going to a foreign country. She got lost in her own world. Different people, different culture everything will be so new to her.

“Will I be able to adopt all these?” she asked herself.

The first step she took inside John F. Kennedy International Airport, she is actually shaking with excitement. The journey was horrible though, two hours of non-stopping pain, she couldn’t eat anything. As if the food was alien to her.

“Hello! Salima, come we have to go stop day dreaming!” exclamied Raj. They got into a taxi, on the way. She stucked her head just a little. New York is a city of characters, on the subway and in the streets, from the intensity of midterm to the intimacy of neighbourhood blocks. When she entered their apartment, it smelled life coffee to her. Taking a deep breath, she led herself to explore the balcony, she could see the green forest on her sight.

“So you like the apartment?’ asked Raj
“Okay, good listen I have to make some calls, why don’t you rest and sleep perhaps.”

She nodded her eyes awake but her body was unresponsive. Tiredness took over. She got to her room, the bed was welcoming with wide open arms. She lay down thinking so many unpacking to do, loads of work! All of a sudden she yearned to have her mother’s Aloo puri. She rolled over the side, tears wear pouring down as if it will never stop…..


1 Response to "Assimilation"

Gosh Raj! Don do tht. You don want Salima’s tears. Do you? If you can find a job in Microsoft then surely you can also cook something up in your own country. Why don’t you tell them to open a branch in your own country? You will be the boss and she will be happy to. See! Am a genius. If they don agree, screw em! Pack your bags and go back! She is crying for god’s sake!

And bout books….am not leaving em either. If I have to, I will leave em wid my dad. So tht whn I come back, I can get em back.

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