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Posted on: February 16, 2009

roseWhy is it that when you fall in much happens.. there’s so much lessons…so much you much laughs…so much tears, so much heartaches. But you keep wanting to love. It’s an addiction. But this addiction is different. You can’t go to a recovery center. You can’t talk to a counselor. You can’t take a pill that will makes you not yearn for it. lives with you forever.

That’s why, do you ever wonder who was the first person who fell in love?( Only if they could’ve warned us what we’ll be going through.) But there’s no one in this world that was the first to fall. Cause you wouldn’t even know where to look because everyone falls in love. Why? cause it’s a different love compared to what your parents give you. Guys make an impact in your life.

They make your heart beat or make it stop. When guys say they love you the feeling you get is way different from the feeling you would get when your parents say it cause you already know thay love you but for a guy to say it is showing you that not only do your parents love you but they do too. I’m in love right now. But when your in a love that deeper then the ocean and that’s uncountable like the sand.All you can think about is if you’ll be with the person your madly in love with forever…Or if he’lll break up with you right before you tell him how you feel. That’s why..Love..what a word.

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7 Responses to "Word"

Why is it that you become so eloquent when you’re writing online, but get lazy in my class? šŸ˜› I like the easy-breezy look of your blog, though. Keep it up!

miss…………………………………………………………………..what i can say…i’m not lazy in ur class!!!!i’m very much pro-active!

that picture and those words…great combination to make someone ‘want’ to fall in love!!!

An excellent post for St Valentines Day. Keep up the good work but make those photos a bit larger…I’m sending you a PM with more comments….

dis is nyzzzzzzzz… šŸ˜€ i likezzzzzz…. :p very good mosha… keep it up… :p

oh my God! You’re in lOvE?

I wrote it not because I was in love, it just hit me…on Valentine ‘s Day!

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