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Posted on: February 10, 2009


It was 4:30 PM in late afternoon, Muna(My sister) is in her room signing a million forms, she is calm, all wired up, Baby’s heart is beating vividly, it sounds great! Chondra, the nurse is really sweet. Jeff (My brother-in-law) and I are watching TV. My mother looks a bit nervous; We were at home when Jeff called us and said to be ready “we are going to the hospital”. So, once everyone was ready, we all piled into the car. My sister was in control, she was stacking the bags in and wanted no help, she just wanted to go! Her contraction began when she was out with friends and went to shopping! Can you imagine, at this condition she went shopping? Their friends came with us and soon we were on our way, we finally made it to the hospital and were only just under half an hour late. My sister could now fully concentrate on giving birth to her first baby.

Its 6:00 PM, as we watch the Discovery channel (As there were no other channel to watch):The nurse has just walked in with a bag of transparent liquid, as it hangs over Muna’s head the Oxytocin starts drizzling down, Chondra carefully pricks a vein in her right arm, then the inducing product makes its way into her blood stream, it looks quite painful. Jeff and I are sitting on the bed-like sofa on the side of the room, Muna is sitting in the rocking chair, she needs to keep on moving to make sure all the water gets out. Chondra, the nurse, told Muna she would give her a little break before increasing the (Oxytocin) but my hard as nails sister told her she was ready now and she didn’t need a break! The nurse was amazed, my sister is truly incredible, the way she just sits through her contractions and just pulls a silly face when they are big then just says:”Oh that was a good one!” And this, may I, ad is without any drug!

8:52pm Nurse is taking Muna’s blood pressure, she is a little freaked out as she seems to be able to take the pain from the contractions better then the squeeze of the blood pressure measurer (whatever its called). As the pain and frequency of the contractions goes up, she looks increasingly focused.

The next few hours are all a bit of a blur… The Doctor came in and checked her status, there were no complications, the cervics was in the right place, without any drugs! She was then taken to the labor room. We waited outside and suddenly, a few minutes later, when we were all trying to rest. Sounds from the unknown came out, it sounded like an alien was coming out of her, she sounded like she could be the singer of a death metal band, basically, the baby was coming and she was pushing! I hated seeing my big sister in so much pain, but she was amazing. Everyone got called into the room and Jeff, the future father of one got in position to deliver his son. The nurses yet again where impressed at my sister strength and courage. I saw Shariq (the baby boy) head going from red, to blue, to black, the cord was around his neck Thanks to God! The first thing the tired mother said when they placed him on her chest was: “ Oh my baby, I almost suffocated you didn’t I?” Shariq Ahmed Sultan was born on the 25th of February at 11:15 pm, he weigh 7pound 18 (3.5kg)

I managed to control my emotions during the whole delivery, when my sister called me over, she took my hand and said:” Are you OK Masha, its OK, you can cry now” and then I just burst into tears, I could hardly breathe, I was filled with a million emotions; I was tired, in love with my new nephew, so excited to have been aloud to be there, I had had to stop myself from crying when I could see my sister going through the most pain a woman will ever have to endure and I was filled with pride and admiration for my big sister!

It’s now almost 1:00pm in the afternoon on the 26th of February 2007, Jeff, Muna and Shariq baby have just come home. They are exhausted. Muna takes a moment to feed her son before going for a nice relaxing shower. When she returns, she has some food (she wanted to) and settles down in the sofa to eat and feed Shariq once again.

It is so beautiful to watch how she is mesmerized by her newborn. You can see how her eyes are running across his face clocking every single detail as the proud father is falling asleep in the armchair holding a cup of tea…
They know a few weeks of restless night awaits them, but how worth it will it be to see this boy who looks so much like his father grow up!

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